What others are saying about Duane

Thank you so much for presenting at our conference. The reviews were a resounding awesome for you. We have many requests to bring you back and bring you back for 2 days.
I personally took a great deal from your presentation and unfortunately had to use the death notification info upon returning to work
Hope to work with you again soon


T N, Nebraska Coalition for Victims of Crime

        HI Duane, it is that time of the semester again for your much anticipated lecture on Trauma and Assessments. My students look so forward to your presentation! They hear from previous classes and ask me if you are coming.


C.B. Adjunct Professor, Counseling Dept.
George Washington University

I generally do not attend things where I don’t know anyone but there was something about the retreat that spoke to me. Before even getting to your office there was a sense that you were all about making a warm and inviting environment.How right my sixth sense was! Everything about Saturday was warm and comforting. For me, it was good to hear what others had to say and how they were feeling. It seems that I am really at the beginning of the process which explains so much to me.

Thank you for putting on such a much needed retreat. Duane did a great job of allowing everyone to open up without any judgment about what they were saying or feeling.


JS attendee to the Donor Family Healing Retreat at Washington Regional Transplant Community

I can’t say enough about the outstanding job Duane Bowers has done as lead instructor for our annual coping skills retreat for families of missing persons. His knowledge and in-depth understanding of the impact of this trauma surpasses anyone in the field. While each missing person case is as different as the individuals facing this loss, Duane has the ability to quickly assess their needs and provide valuable feedback and suggestions which increase their quality of life.Attendees of our retreat love Duane’s no-nonsense style, his compassion, and honesty. They appreciate the way he helps them think through a scenario and come up with viable solutions, even when there seemed to be none. Participation in the retreat may be frightening to some, but Duane quickly helps them feel at ease and gives them practical skills to help them make it through this incredibly difficult time in their lives.

Besides his grasp of the trauma associated with ambiguous loss, Duane has a keen understanding of several other life-changing situations which may prompt a person to seek outside assistance. I know of numerous individuals, all with different needs not related to missing persons, who have sought out his counseling with very positive results.

I have known Duane for close to twelve years, and seen his presentations in many conferences and training seminars. He is an excellent facilitator and quickly gains rapport with his audience. Each and every time, the comments I hear from participants about Duane’s talks are extremely positive. Duane has an impact on people’s lives wherever he goes. I am honored and blessed to know him.


Kelly Murphy, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
President and Founder,
Project Jason

I just got your book and started reading it. I knew you helped many people by the way you talked with me but did not know the extent of your life. We are lucky to have your experiences and compassion you have to help me and so many! We are still taking those little steps. I think it will be that way the rest of my life. It still seems unreal. But we know it is. I talk to L every day. We need each other. (He) loved her so much. We know why now. Prayers your way too.



I, along with the entire Central Virginia Coalition for Victim Services, Inc., would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your exceptional presentation on Wednesday at the Victims’ Rights Week Law Enforcement Training.  We have reviewed the evaluations and the training was applauded by 99% of the attendees (believe it or not, we had someone say they thought the chairs were too hard and one complained that we had too much food and we sabotaged his diet), but other than that, they were happy!  They much appreciated your vast knowledge of how trauma affects its victims.  We could not be so successful in our efforts without the generous contributions of your time and the sharing of your expertise.  Again, Thank You!!


Kimberly U , Victim/Witness Specialist
United States Attorney’s Office, Richmond VA