Duane has worked in the field of addictions for nearly 25 years. He served as the director of a 60 bed, year- long residential drug and alcohol treatment program. He filled this capacity for 3 years. Duane later ran intensive out-patient and after-care groups for two years. He now sees individual clients who are at the same time involved in addiction treatment or 12 step programs, many of whom are participating as required by the judicial system.

Duane understands that addiction to drugs and alcohol is very often related to trauma, grief or another mental health disorder. For the individual drugs and alcohol are ways to self- medicate the symptoms or pain of an event or untreated issue. And, honestly, drugs and alcohol do a very good job treating those symptoms. However, if the individual experiences another trauma, loss, or mental health issue, the drugs and alcohol don’t work as well, and things start to fall apart. This is when the individual either chooses to, or is coerced into seeking out treatment.

Therefore, the treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol must, for many people, be done in association with therapy for the original trauma, loss or mental health issue. Attempts to recover from addiction without addressing the underlying cause often results in relapse.  Duane, a recovering alcoholic of over 30 years himself, works with the client to resolve the issues beneath the addiction while supporting their recovery.