Each of us creates our own reality, our own life. How we create that reality is based in our beliefs about ourselves and about the world. For example, if you are very afraid of death, and believe the world is a dangerous place, you’re going to live a life of safety taking very few risks. If you believe that one should live life to the fullest until you die, you will live a life of adventure and risk taking.

When there is an area of your life that is not serving you well, it is based on a belief that no longer works for you. Many of us form beliefs about the world when we are children, that aren’t true for us as adults, but we still live them. Hypnotherapy helps you to change those beliefs.

Hypnotherapy is a process of deep relaxation. When you are hypnotized you are not asleep or unconscious – you are fully aware. It is a very deep form of guided meditation. The practitioner guides you into a deep state of relaxation which is below your conscious level, to your sub-conscious level where your beliefs, feelings and imagination are located. When you have reached this state of relaxation, the practitioner makes suggestions to change the invalid belief, and utilizes the client’s feelings and imagination to reinforce the change. The client is always in full control of the suggestions, and chooses which suggestions they will accept.

Once the suggestion has been planted, and the client has returned from the state of relaxation, the practitioner will teach the client self hypnosis to reinforce the new or changed belief as necessary. It took many years to develop the faulty belief. Hypnotherapy is one tool that helps the client to change that belief.

Hypnotherapy is used for many areas of life that clients may wish to change. The most common uses of hypnotherapy are;

  •  Weight reduction
  •  Sleep difficulty
  •  Pain management
  •  Stress management / relaxation
  •  Performance enhancement (sports, academic, career).

However, hypnotherapy is very helpful in managing negative thinking, overcoming fears, pain management, organizational skills, physical performance, goal setting, life regression and past-life regression as well.

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