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Duane T. Bowers, LPC, CCHt

Duane T. Bowers is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Trauma and Wellness Educator, and a Reiki Master in private practice. His work includes working with individuals and groups. He teaches workshops, seminars, and courses nationally and internationally, and through a variety of media. He is author of “Guiding Your Family Through Loss and Grief” and “A Child is Missing: Providing Support for Families of Missing Children” Duane Bowers ranks among the very few professionals globally who specialize in working with and providing support for families of missing children and missing adults.

University of Maryland – Business Writing Course – Stress Management Through College, to Business and in Life –December 1, 2020 – Virtual

This is the first invitation I have received to guest lecture at the University of Maryland, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to talk about universal stress management information that will be practical for students throughout their career.

Baltimore County Child Advocacy Center – How does the work affect you? – January 15, 2021

For the third consecutive year I have been fortunate to provide self-care/wellness support to the staff of the Sexual Abuse Treatment Program of
the Baltimore County CAC. The program includes training and individual sessions.

Justice Clearinghouse – Change and Acceptance: Why we Succeed, Why we Fail – February 11, 2021

This year I am doing two webinars with JCH. This first one will look at the process of change and acceptance, and how the brain and mind function in that process. We will also discuss the most successful ways to affect change and acceptance.

Washington Regional Transplant Community – Grieving During February…The Month of Love – February 13, 2021

As we have had to go virtual, we have replaced the day-long retreats with time specific grief topics. In our last event we looked at grieving during a pandemic. This session is discussing grieving in the face of a month in which we recognize the importance of our relationships. We will discuss healthy grieving from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective.

George Washington University – Art Therapy Department – March 10, 2021

This is at least my tenth year having the opportunity to address the Trauma II graduate class. We discuss how to approach treating trauma survivors in the field, where the trauma happens. I look forward to presenting to this year’s class.

Team HOPE – New Volunteer Training -National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – Alexandria, VA – April 16-19, 2021

We are planning to meet in person for this training of parents of missing and exploited children. They will be trained to be telephone buddies and support to other parents of missing and exploited children. I have been honored to be part of this training for 17 years.

Justice Clearinghouse – Long Term Coping Skills – April 27, 2021

With all of the change, stress and uncertainty of the past year, it has become apparent that the coping skills we normally rely upon may not have been adequate. This second webinar I am presenting for JCH this year will present a new way of looking at coping, with a focus to endure whatever may be ahead.

Team HOPE – Active Volunteer Training -National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – Alexandria, VA – August 6-9, 2021

The plan is for these dedicated volunteers to meet in person for this training. It is a time to renew friendships, refresh skills and learn new information to assist in supporting parents of missing and exploited children.